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Uniform appearance, individual in content

All you need is one mouse click and OneOffixx consistently adds your corporate design into all Office programmes.

A corporate design is more than a recommendation to be used for a company's visual presentation. It is the benchmark against which each document, however small, has to be designed. Unfortunately this is not implemented consistently in our day-to-day lives. Template chaos is inevitable, unless you install OneOffixx. This add-on to Microsoft Office automatically formats all documents into your corporate design, from e-mails to presentations.

OneOffixx is excellent for: template solution, stock management system, template management system, corporate office automation, dynamic document creation system, enterprise document creation system, quotations of proof and legal documents, as an additional replacement for IDfix and Offixx.

Upcoming dates to get to know OneOffixx in Zürich:

  Sevitec OneOffixx AG, Bahnhofstrasse 4, CH-8360 Eschlikon, phone +41 71 511 0 511, fax +41 71 511 0 512, e-mail: info [at] oneoffixx.com